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Snuff Fest 2019 Advance Tickets 28th September 2019

Image of Snuff Fest 2019 Advance Tickets 28th September 2019


Once again we will be curating Snuff Fest at The Black Heart Camden. As always we will have a minimum of 10 bands spewing forth putrid filth which celebrates all elements of the Death/Grind/Slam genres.

We will only be selling early bird tickets through this page and they will be at a discounted rate. Once they have all been sold they will be gone and full price tickets will only be available from the Black Heart direct.

The first five bands for this edition are:

Rectal Smegma (Dutch GoreGrind) - These really need no introduction as they have been causing chaos and carnage for years. If youve seen them before you know what to expect and if not then expect a drunken party.

Fleshless (CZ Old School Death Metal) - Old school death metal legends from the Czech republic. Fleshless are devoted to bringing the old school brutality and will lay waste to The Black Heart

Basement Torture Killings - Thats us and you know who we are

Seprevation (Bristol Old school death/thrash) - Seprevation are most likely one of the best bands in the UK and they will be showing snuff why they are rightly deserving of that accolade.

Defecal of Gerbe (Fr Gore/Party Grind) - Back from a hiatus with a new album Defecal of Gerbe will show everyone a shitastic party. Last seen at the legendary Blastonbury Festival in 2011, this is one band you will not want to miss.

More bands to be announced - grab these tickets whilst you can.

As always please note that these are E-Tickets only. You will need to bring the email and some ID on the door to gain entrance